Grilled Cheese Sandwich & Chix Noodle soup

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Vanessa Nikita Milare Recipe
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Vanessa "Nikita"'s notes for this recipe:
It was rainning today after I got home from chrcuh. So I made me & Uncle 1 cheese sandwich & chicken noodle soup. Easy cause it came in a can LOL. It was warm & good. 2/26/12
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Frist open the 2 cans of soup & heat over medium heat. Spread the butter on 1 side of 2 breads & place in a pre heated skillet butter side down. Then place the cheese on the bread, then spread the butter on the other slices & place on the cheese butter side up.
Next filp each sammie over once bottom side is browned.
Then pnce soup is hot pour in the bowls & plate the sandwiches on a plate & enjoy.

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