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E Z Company Chicken Casserole with Uncle Ben's

By Kay Skipper Kay112

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Kay's Story

When I had my last child in '94, a friend made a chicken casserole using Uncle Ben's Long Grain Wild Rice with Herb Seasonings.

Although I didnt get her recipe, I created one similar and so we enjoy thise easy recipe at least once a month.


chicken breasts, boneless and skinless
1 box
uncle ben's long grain wild rice with herbs and seasonings
1 can(s)
fat free cream of chicken soup
pepper, powdered onion, powdered garlic, paprika seasoned to taste
to 1 soup can of water

Directions Step-By-Step

In a 11 X 8 casserole dish, spray with Pam. Sprinkle the Wild Rice evenly in the dish.

Mix together the can of cream of chicken soup, water, and herb seasonings packet in medium size bowl. Spoon 3/4ths of soup mixture evenly over wild rice. Place the 4 chicken breasts in the casserole on top of the rice and soup mixture. Spoon the rest of the soup mixture on top of the chicken breasts..

Next, sprinkle pepper, powdered onion, powdered garlic, and paprika on each chicken breast.

Cover with aluminum foil and bake on 350 for 1 hour to 1 hr and 10 minutes.

Remove cover and let set 5 minutes before serving.

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Course/Dish: Chicken, Casseroles
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    Colleen Kleist cjkleist - Oct 3, 2011
    Made this for dinner tonight. The chicken was great, but husband and grandson said the rice was way to salty. So next time Im going to try and make it with chicken flavor rice a roni. But again the chicken was great.
  • user
    Kay Skipper Kay112 - Oct 3, 2011
    Colleen, the canned soup has salt and so does the uncle ben's long grain wild rice with herbs and seasonings. You didn't add additional salt, did you?

    Here are the additional seasonings which I use--

    pepper, powdered onion, powdered garlic, paprika seasoned to taste

    I have used this recipe a whole lot and for many years. You are the first to say it was salty and it is your entire family who found the dish salty. I wonder what could have gone wrong? I gave this recipe to a friend just the other day. I will call her in the morning to ask her how it turned out. Have you ever eaten Uncle Ben's Wild Rice before? If so, was it salty? Do you ever use Cream of Chicken Soup? Is it salty for your family too?
  • user
    Colleen Kleist cjkleist - Oct 4, 2011
    Good morning Kay. I only added a smidge of salt on top of the chicken. I use the soup all the time so I know it wasnt in that . It had to be the herb seasoning. I didnt even try it after the guys said it was to salty. I have never tryed that soup before so that had to be it. I do make the chicken rice all the time so Im sure it will be fine. we dont use alot of salt here so It just must have been a different type of seasoning. they just werent use to.
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    Kay Skipper Kay112 - Oct 4, 2011
    Colleen, I am not sure I follow you. Do you think it may have been the Herb Seasoning or the Cream soup?

    I tried calling my friend, she didnt answer my call, but I talked to my mother and she said she added salt the recipe the first time she made it and that was a big mistake. I asked if she added a lot. She said she didnt recall because it has been years ago. She said there is nothing wrong with the recipe if you dont use salt. I really find it tastes perfect. If you do not like salt in your food, I understand. All of my dishes do have salt, pepper and other spices such as off brand RoTel diced tomatoes with green chilis.

    I am so sorry that your supper was a disappointment. Colleen, may I make a suggestion? Be brave and try it again this way--- Sample a teaspoon taste of the soup, 1/2 of the herb seasoning packet blended with the 3/4 soup can of water. After mixing it all, take a small taste to see if it is ok. Then season your rice and chicken with the soups and water blend. What do you think of that idea?

    This is really a delicious and easy dish. We eat it a lot. Actually, you could save the rest of the herb packet and use it as extra seasoning for other meats, etc...

    Think about my suggestion, ok? Oh, I would not add any salt at all.
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    Kay Skipper Kay112 - Oct 4, 2011
    I forgot to say good morning to you too, Colleen. :D

    My friend, Lori just called and told me I made it clear not to add any salt so she didnt and that her parents loved the dish. She said her mother now has the recipe and was shocked by the fact there are so few ingredients in it. Lori and her family seemed quite happy with it.

    After reading your post once more, I think you are convinced it is the herb seasoning.

    Ok, so why dont you try cutting the herb seasoning in half, taking a sample taste of the herb, soup and water blended before spreading it over the rice and chicken? After tasting it, you can then add a little more and a little more until it is seasoned to your taste?

    Keep in mind Chicken Rice A Roni has a good bit of salt in it too. However, it would work well too with a can of Cream of Chicken Soup and whole soup can of water. If you feel you should add a little butter or sour cream to this recipe, you may also do that too. It is a pretty flexible and easy recipe. We love it and rarely do we have any left over.

    I hope you will give it a 2nd chance. Keep me posted, Colleen, ok?