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2/3 lb ground chuck,[or pork,chickem whatever meat u want]
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1 can(s) grands biscuit[8 ct]
1 medium carrot,grated
2 large potato,grated
1 medium white onion,chopped fine
1/2 medium red bell pepper,chopped fine
1/2 medium green bell pepper,chopped fine
1 can(s) corn kernels
1/4 large head brccoli,cut into small flowerettes
1/4 c flour....+ as needed
1 1/4 c 1% milk
seasoned salt and fresh ground black pepper,to taste
veggie oil to cover bottom of fry pan
1/4 stick margarine
water,as needed

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Diane Eldridge Recipe
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Diane's notes for this recipe:
i've been wantin somethin different but good for ya with lots of veggies in it... came up with this and jeff loved them he ate 2 for dinner!!!!
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NOTE: this takes some time start early in day
in large bowl put some cold water prep all yur veggies,carrot,potato,onion,both peppers,broccoli..add undrained corn add more water to cover all put in fridge a few hrs[this helps flavors marry and veggies crisp up]
now in lg fry pan put oil to coat bottom of pan heat til a drop of water jumps when u put it in the pan now add drained and paper towel dried veggies
cook and stir several min til all veggies are crisp tender add 1/2 the margarine to veggies stir well put fry pan in fridge to cool veggies...
makin the pasties: open can of biscuits seperate workin one at a time roll out on a floured surface as thin as u can get them... take bout 1/2 c veggie and place in middle... fold biscuit in 1/2 use fork tines to seal place each on sprayed cookie sheet do the other 7 biscuits.....now melt the rest of margarine brush over pasties bake in preheated 375 oven for 10-12 min til well browned
while pasties bake make beef gravy: brown ground chuck in same pan veggies were cooked in[if any veggies left set aside will add to gravy add salt and pepper..... mix milk and flour together makin sure all lumps are out once meat is cooked add some af water veggies sat in[this cools pan down so makin gravy doesn't lump up] than add milk/flour mix cook and stir til it boils.....boil 3-5min longer add any of the leftover veggies here.. if u want gravy thicker[jus cook on low]
once pasties are baked put one on plate and laddle with gravy serve and enjoy!!!!
NOTE: these are the veggies i used but u can use any veggies u want and like!!!!

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user Colleen Sowa colleenlucky7 - Sep 24, 2011
Hi Diane! This sounds really good.... a Michigan dish for sure!!! xo
user Nan Clark nannabelle - Sep 25, 2011
Love pasties....yours is a little different. anxious to try it.

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