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15 Min
3 Hr
Slow-Cooker/Crock Pot

I joined the new group in JAP and all these recipes being made in a crock pot got me to thinking maybe my smothered chicken could be cooked in a crock pot too. It was a success.


large chicken breast halves
2 c
swanson 100% fat free low sodium chicken broth
1/4 c
gallo family wine, pinot grigo
1/4 c
heavy cream
2 Tbsp
1 Tbsp
italian seasoning
1 Tbsp
1 tsp
sea salt
1 tsp
2 clove
grated garlic

Directions Step-By-Step

Clean the breast of all excess skin and fat. Lay on cutting board cut into ( I was able to yeild 4) parts .
In Crock Pot pour in 2 cups of broth and wine.
Place the chicken into the pot.
In a bowl pour in heavy cream and 2 Tbls. of flour and mix until no lumps are in the cream. Pour into the pot over the chicken.
Grate the garlic into the pot and add all seasoning at this point
Place cover on crock pot turn to high and let cook 3 hours or check to see if the chicken is tender and done before cutting off crock pot.

I cooked on high because I was home to watch and see how it was cooking and wanted to have it done quick.

All crock pots vary in temperature of cooking so you will need to adjust according to your type of crock pot.
This makes a very tender breast and the sauce is very good poured over rice or mashed potatoes. I even mash cauliflower up for my meal to take place of potatoes and pour this sauce over them.

If you prefer a thick gravy with your meal then remove the chicken, dip out some of the sauce in a bowl and mix maybe about 1 Tbls more of flour and mix till no lumps in mixture and pour back into the sauce and let heat and stir till thick as you would like it to be. I do use as a sauce and make stuffing with my meal too.
You will see egg noodles in the picture but I do not recommend them with this sauce. It did not compliment this dish at all. You really need to serve over rice or potatoes or mashed cauliflower if you are watching your carbs and weight.

About this Recipe

Course/Dish: Chicken
Main Ingredient: Chicken
Regional Style: American

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jamie Beecham jamie4cakes
Jun 4, 2013
Oh thank you Brenda so very kind of you not to worry about the comments it is just fine to put all you please on here.
Brenda Downey BJD
Jun 4, 2013
I left a '5 star' rating, and nominated it as 'family approved' and also 'nominated it for a blue star'. Sorry for the above comment, since there are so many comments I've left on this page, but the above comment was linked to the nomination page. The nomination page asked me what I thought of this recipe, and asked me to type a comment and explain why..but it is showing again on this page..sorry for all the many comments I've left on this this recipe was so good!
Brenda Downey BJD
Jun 4, 2013
This is a delicious recipe that can be made using the crock pot. I love crock pot recipes, and this has got to be one of the more hearty and delicious recipes using the crock pot. I've never heard of 'smothered chicken' before, but after trying it, wow, it is so good..I am going to be making it a lot. I doubled the recipe, as I usually do, since my family has big appetites (all sons and it did not last for very long, gone before we knew good!
jamie Beecham jamie4cakes
Jun 4, 2013
Thank you Brenda
Brenda Downey BJD
Jun 4, 2013
I tried this recipe and say it's Family Tested & Approved!