Baked Chicken In Butter & Cream

Rose Mary Mogan Recipe

By Rose Mary Mogan cookinginillinois

4-6 depending on appetite
15 Min
1 Hr 15 Min

I first tasted this awesome recipe while visiting family in Kansas City Missouri, it is /was from a famous restaurant there called Stephesons Restaurant. I fell in love with it, then I found out they had a little cookbook, and the recipe was in it, I had to have it. I understand the restaurant has since closed, but I am still enjoying the recipe because I have the cookbook, I did make a couple of changes to the recipe, but it is good anyway you serve it in my book. It is definately a family favorite.


pieces chicken parts of your choice
1/2 c
1 1/2 tsp
seasoned salt
1 tsp
1/4 -1/2 tsp
black pepper
2 tsp
garlic powder
1 tsp
rosemary leaves, optional
1/2 stick
1 1/2 c
warm/hot milk evaporated or regular
1 can(s)
cream of chicken soup (optional)

Directions Step-By-Step

PREHEAT OVEN TO 425 DEGREES F. Spray a 9X13 X2 inch size pan with non stick cooking spray & set aside till needed.Mix flour and spices together in a reclosable zip lock bag. Dip chicken in water to moisten so flour will stick to chicken.
Place one to two pieces of chicken in bag at a time. Shake well to coat with flour.
Place chicken parts in prepared pan with skin side facing up. Dot each piece with 1 or 2 pats of butter. Bake UNCOVERED in preheated 425 degree F. oven for 30 minutes, or until pieces are golden brown & crisp.
Remove pan from oven, Heat milk in microwave till hot & pour milk carefully around the base of chicken parts. COVER with aluminum foil & seal pan tightly. Reduce heat to 350 degrees F. Return to oven and bake at 350 degrees F. for 45 additional minutes or until juices run clear.
Note you can add 1 can of cream of chicken soup undiluted when you add the hot milk to give you more gravy. Serve over rice, mashed potatoes or noodles with biscuits or hot dinner rolls.
Please note: Original recipe called for non fat powdered milk, but I find it easier to use evaporated or regular milk. Also sometimes I like to add the addition of sliced bell peppers, onions, & sliced mushrooms with the chicken during the last 45 minutes of cooking time.

About this Recipe

Course/Dish: Chicken
Main Ingredient: Chicken
Regional Style: American

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Rose Mary Mogan cookinginillinois
Nov 26, 2012
Ann with this recipe, there is no way you will fail if you follow the directions. This is an AWESOME RECIPE. I was hooked with the first bite I took when I first tasted it. I even shared this recipe with a few of the ladies at my husbands work and they REALLY LOVE IT. Once for a party they wanted me to make this recipe, I told my husband it was too much to do as a FREEBIE, HAD I BEEN PAID FOR THE JOB, I WOULD HAVE GLADLY TAKEN IT ON AFTER figuring out the cost and time involved for the amound of people that it was suppose to serve.

I usually ALWAYS MAKE A RECIPE AS PRINTED THE FIRST TIME, then tweak it to my own taste. I prefer making this recipe using Red, Green, yellow or Orange Bell peppers with onions and fresh sliced mushrooms, to go over the pasta, rice or noodles, but at the restaurant it was always served plain, and even plain it was very good. Add the the veggies which I love add a little more texture and crunch. So it is optional, but because I love veggies I usually always add them. I just might make this today for dinner, you have given me a great idea. I purchased some Sanderson Chicken Breast my favorite brand because they are large and meaty, on sale awhile back, and my husband will love having this for dinner today. Thanks for the idea. Smile.
Ann Bennett tabhop
Nov 25, 2012
Rose Mary, thank you for the advice. I will be sure to use chicken with the bone-in & with skin to fix this. I am looking forward to it! I'm not much of a cook so I wanted to be sure what you think. Thanks again.
Rose Mary Mogan cookinginillinois
Nov 25, 2012
Ann there are many recipes where boneless chicken would be fine in my opinion, but I would not reccomend this particular one because without the skin, and without the bone, if left in the oven for the specified amount of time, I think it would dry out tremendously. You probably could get away with cooking it for a much shorter period of time and at a lower temperature but because I have never done it that way I will not reccomend it to you. Perhaps braising chicken with white wine, after seasoning and adding perhaps a heavy whipping cream creating a sauce with onions and mushrooms might work, but I haven't tried that either. Because it is the breast, it does not require a long period of time to cook, and for that reason alone, I think it might dry out.

The BONE IN chicken breast WITH THE SKIN ON WOULD WORK, and if you are worried about the fat content, you could remove the skin before serving, at least that way it would not dry out during the cooking process. I hope this helps you,, and I didn't confuse you more. Smile Take care and thanks for asking.
Ann Bennett tabhop
Nov 25, 2012
If I were to use boneless chicken breasts, how would you recommend that the oven temp be adjusted? Or would it just not be a good thing to do?
Rose Mary Mogan cookinginillinois
Oct 7, 2012
Cindy, comments like yours really does make my day. Thank you so much. I am happy that this recipe received your Family Tested Seal of approval.

Cindy, I am always glad to help in any way I can, ESPECIALLY IF IT IS RELATED TO MY FIRST LOVE AND PASSION "COOKING"