Albondigas de Pollo (chicken meatball soup)

Gina Gonzalez


Growing up I always had a difficult time making this specific soup. It is my ultimate favorite.
I do hope you enjoy as much as I do especialy with the Winter Time right around the corner. :-D

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30 Min
1 Hr


1 lb
ground chicken
1/2 c
non cooked rice(i preffer jasmine rice)
1 can(s)
salsa de pato if you cant find that you can also use tomatoe sauce
2 tsp
knorr tomato bouillon with chicken flavor
1 large
raw egg
small amount of mint, fresh (chopped)
medium sized brown onion
3 0r 4
red potatoes or russett potatoes
1 small
amount of bread crumbs
bay leaves, dried
1 Tbsp


1 pinch



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1get 1 lb of ground chicken and put it on a medium round bowl

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2So the reason I use a large brown onion is half is chopped and sautee with not to much oil as you can see by the picture shown. Sautee for about 2min in medium high heat and the other half finely chopped for the meatballs

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3As you can see the amount of water is used in the meantime after I sautee the onions you want to go ahead and add a can of salsa del pato or tomatoe sauce. The reason i prefer Salsa Del Pato it has a kick to it :)

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4Now you want to start heating everything up to Med High

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5Do not forget to add the 2 bay leaves this gives out more flavor to the broth too **Dont be shy**

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6Now the good Stuff begins!! add the 2 Tsb of Knorr tomato boullion flavor to the broth

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7Before you start adding the salt taste the broth to see how much salt you might need I only add a couple of pinches after the chicken flavor who would want to add more salt right? just season it to your perfection :)

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8While you wait for the broth to simmer you want to start fixing the meat balls add about 1/2 cup or a 1 cup of jasmine rice uncooked

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9Now your ready to chop the Mint and Mix in to the ground chicken :)

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10I was not able to take a picture in slow motion of me cracking the eggs so as you can see the eggs are in the back ground of the picture along with the mint mixed in with the ground meat :0) Sorry I am my own camera woman/ recipe maker

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11Here's the fun part you mix all the ingredient up to start making you meat balls i know they look big but there actually small remember you don't want to make them so big they will puff up as the are being cooked into the soup.

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12Now the soup is simmering ready to throw the (albondigas) meatballs to the pot :)

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13As soon as you see one or two meat balls starting to rise as you see in this picture you want to start adding your veggies.

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14and the potatoes and carrots are chopped and peel and ready to cook

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The Reason I choose 1 Medium Brown Onion is because half of it is used to sautee onto the broth the rest is finely chopped into the grounded chicken meat.(well that is optional)

Another thing you do want to season the albondigas with a dash or a pinch of salt.

You also want to give the veggies 15 to 20 minutes to simmer into the broth.( I like my veggies semi cooked)

The bread crumbs are totally optional really is not necessary to mix into the (albondigas) meatballs I use it more for flavor.

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