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5 lb hamburger
8 oz chopped onion
1 c water
1/2 c ketchup
3 tsp horseradish
3 tsp mustard
3 tsp worcestershire sauce
3 tsp salt
2 tsp pepper
1 tsp meat tenderizer
16 hamburger buns

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Tastees are a favorite among Lincoln, NE natives. The Tastee In & Out has been a Lincoln institution for 50+ years.
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brown hamburgers and drain well.
Add remaining ingredients.
Cook over low to medium for at least 1 hour.
Adding water as needed to keep from drying.

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user Karen Smith smilin - Jun 18, 2010
I am assuming that you serve it on the 16 buns, not that you put the buns into the mixture, the directions say add remaining ingredients.
user Teresa Jacobson foundmyzen - Feb 25, 2012
This is a touch of home Stephany, Thank you for posting! I have this recipe too and it is a WONDERFUL recipe! In fact, I'm using this recipe to serve a crowd of 30 people for a charity function. Thanks for posting! I'll post pictures afterwards!
user Teresa Jacobson foundmyzen - Mar 12, 2012
I shared a photo of this recipe. View photo
user Teresa Jacobson foundmyzen - Mar 12, 2012
I tried this recipe and say it's Family Tested & Approved!
user Teresa Jacobson foundmyzen - Mar 12, 2012
You can omit the meat tenderizer if you don't like MSG (like me)-- doesn't have an adverse taste on the final product if you do! LOVE Tastees!!

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