Smothered Hamburger Steak

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By Lynn Socko lynnsocko

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My version of Hamburger Steak, hope you enjoy.


2 lb
ground beef
1 tsp
ea. garlic gran., onion, gran., blk pepper
pinch coarse sea salt
1/2 tsp
worchestshire sauce
2 c
mushrooms, 1/2 c chopped, 1 1/2 c sliced
1/2 c
celery, finely chopped
2 c
onion, 1/2 c finely chopped, 1 1/2 c sliced
2-3 c
beef broth, homemade or low sodium
olive oil

Directions Step-By-Step

Note: If using lean ground beef, you may want to add a couple TBLS of olive oil to the meat to keep it moist during cooking.
Place 1/2 chopped mushrooms, & 1/2 c. finely chopped onions, 1/2 c. finely chopped celery & 1 tsp of olive oil in microwavable bowl. Stir ingredients to lightly coat veggies with O.O. Microwave for 2 min. or till nice & tender. Cool.
Mix together ground beef, seasoning & micro veggies. Form into oval shaped patties. Fry in skillet till done. Remove from skillet.
In same skillet used to cook patties, add 2 TBL of olive oil & saute 1 1/2 c of sliced onions & mushrooms till tender. Remove from skillet. Add alittle more olive oil if needed, add 1/2 c flour & make a roux, scraping bottom of pan to release the yummies, add alittle salt & pepper if desired. Cook on med heat for a couple of minutes to brown roux. Add beef stock stirring till thickened, return sauted onions & mushrooms to pan, mix in.
Place patties over a slice of toasted bread, cover with gravy, also great on mashed potatoes.

About this Recipe

Main Ingredient: Beef
Regional Style: American
Other Tag: Healthy
Hashtag: #hamburger

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Sherry Blizzard akflurry
Jul 30, 2015
Not like wild taste. yes, kind of like buffalo and cow....very lean, mild tasting. no or very little fat. Not like venison at all....surprising right?
Lynn Socko lynnsocko
Jul 30, 2015
I bet it's very lean like venison? Buffalo? Does it taste similar to cow?
Sherry Blizzard akflurry
Jul 30, 2015
we have so much moose that we rarely, if ever buy beef.
Lynn Socko lynnsocko
Jul 30, 2015
Well I meant to say since I HAVEN'T had moose meat, geeze I need to re-read my comments.
Sherry Blizzard akflurry
Jul 30, 2015
Don't laugh Andy! My grandparents and cousins live in Tennessee. I have had squirrel and Rocky is also quite good!