Melt in your mouth Pot Roast

Mattie Mason Qualls


This is the most tender roast you ever tasted...The oven recipe in the bag is what I prefer as I am trying to eat more healthier.

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2 Hr


1 pkg
onion soup mix
2 Tbsp
meat tenderizer, seasoned or plain
salt and pepper
pot roast
potatoes & carrots cut up or mixed veggies if you prefer

Directions Step-By-Step

There are 3 different ways I cook these
First will be how I cook mostly now
I put salt, pepper, water, onion soup mix, & Tenderizer in back shaking back and forth til its pretty mixed up. Then add pot roast to it and close with a tie and put in pan with a little water in it. Cook at 350 degrees til done 2-3 hours. Comes out mouth watering delicious.
Two - Crock pot version. First put a little canola oil in pan and brown pot roast. Add all the above ingredients to water in crockpot and cook overnight. Delicious. I don't change the ingredients and these pot roasts usually fall apart.
Three - StoveTop version. I add all the ingredients in pot with water and add pot roast and cook on about a medium heat after again browning the roast. And its delicious. I prefer the oven cooking in a bag. Its really moist and tender through and through.

About this Recipe

Course/Dish: Beef, Roasts