Loose Meat Sandwich (yep, like on Roseanne)

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1 lb ground chuck or ground sirloin
1 Tbsp crisco
2 tsp salt, just enough to lightly cover bottom of your skillet
1 medium onion, chopped fine
1 Tbsp prepared yellow mustard
1 Tbsp vinegar
1 Tbsp sugar

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Rhonda's notes for this recipe:
I went in search of a "loose meat" sandwich recipe after watching the show "Roseanne" for many years. It always sounded so good!
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Melt Crisco over medium heat and lightly salt bottom of skillet.
Break ground beef up in skillet and start crumbling into small crumbles.
Add chopped onion while browning meat.
Keep working to break up meat.
When meat is browned, drain off any fat and return to skillet.
Add mustard, vinegar, sugar, and just enough water to barely cover meat in the pan.
Cook, at a simmer, till water is all cooked out-between 15-20 minutes.
Adjust salt and pepper to taste.
Steam buns and serve with a bit of mustard and pickles (can add cheese)

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user Debby DeRousse cakesbydebby - Sep 22, 2010
I'll try this recipe. i found one similar to this one on Paula Deen's Party that is no longer aired. but she had her best friend on the show and they fixed special dishes that they liked going to each other's house when they were growing up together. Her recipe was 1 pound of ground beef, and you brown that and then you add 1 can of french onion soup and cook that til it reduces some. I think about five mintues. And you serve it on buns with your favorite topping. Paula liked hers with an onion and mustard I think, but it could have been mayonaise?
user Gary Hancq SidEFied - Dec 4, 2010
Rhonda, Here in the Greater Mid-West we have enjoyed loose meat sandwiches since 1926, when "Maid-Rite" was established and franchised. The following is a transcript from their website: "Our franchisee tradition that started back in 1926 has been to have individual owner/operators who are well known and well liked within their communities, who take pride in owning and operating a successful Maid-Rite franchise restaurant. This business philosophy has and always will be the backbone of our franchisee network.

Many of our original franchises granted in the 1920s are still in operation today. We are proud to say that we now have third generation family members operating family owned." They can be found at this site: Maid-Rites.www.maid-rite.com/aboutus/a...

They still operate in Ohio, Illinois, Iowa and other Mid-West States. Their restauarants have a '50s motif. Happy cooking. Gary
user Gary Hancq SidEFied - Dec 4, 2010
Rhonda, We enjoy loose meat sandwiches often. I most often just salt and peeper the beef. I mash fine right in the frying pan with a flat wire potato masher. Mash and twist, mash and twist to mince the hamburger to a very fine consistency. I at times add fine diced onions, other times not. Also at times I add a little beef marinade or steak seasoning such as "Dales". Cheers. Gary
user Ally Silkwood allynwa - Dec 24, 2010
Hi! My grandparents lived in Iowa near Grinnell. I spent every summer there in my youth. That is where one of the Maid Rite restaurants is at - on one of my visits back to there my stepmom and I went to enjoy our maid rites. Roseanne and Tom visited that one because they had her signed picture and the waitress had told us that they visted there. I really miss eating maid rites so I am going to try this recipe. Thank you for posting it! :)
user Dana Palmer dana90631 - Mar 13, 2011
Rhonda I want to thank you for posting this recipe. I am a California girl and probably would have never experienced a loose meat sandwich if it wasn't for you. I always wondered "what the heck" is a loose meat sandwich ever since I saw it on Rosanne. Thank you again for sharing an easy and tasty meal.

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