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FREAKIN GOOD Crock Pot Spaghetti!!

By Tiffany Ash DejaBast

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Tiffany's Story

Ok.. my first attempt at making spaghetti in a crock pot. I was limited as to what I had in my cupboards and was amazed at how well this turned out. I've realized that with a limited income one becomes more creative with their recipes. This one happened to be a winner! As a "secret" ingredient I used 1 1/2 cups of Lager (Beer) -- (I didn't tell my Fiance until after he ate it, he hates beer!) -- The next day, I ate some leftovers and could taste a hint of the Lager, its Really Good!


1 lb
ground beef
1 can(s)
favorite spaghetti sauce
1 can(s)
diced tomatoes
1 can(s)
tomato soup
1 can(s)
mushrooms (sliced)
1 can(s)
black olives (sliced)
1 1/2 c
lager (beer)
1 c
diced green bell pepper
1 c
diced yellow onion
3 clove
garlic (fresh pressed)
1 1/2 c
beef broth
1/2 pkg
spaghetti noodles or favorite pasta
2 Tbsp
garlic salt
1 Tbsp

Directions Step-By-Step

Set Crock pot to High
Prepare Hamburger Meat: Brown ground hamburger meat until fully cooked in a separate cooking pan.
Add to Crock Pot: Spaghetti sauce, diced can of tomatoes, can of tomato soup, can of mushrooms, can of olives, diced green bell peppers, diced onions, Beef Broth, Beer, Spaghetti noodles (or favorite pasta), Garlic salt, pepper and fully cooked hamburger meat.

Side note: Add pasta 30 minutes before serving, could get too soft if added with all ingredients.
Let cook in Crock pot for 2 1/2 to 3 hours or until pasta is fully cooked.

About this Recipe

Course/Dish: Beef
Regional Style: Italian
Other Tag: Quick & Easy

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  • user
    susan simons imbossmare - Feb 2, 2012
    Sounds wonderful and easy and most of the ingredients I have in my pantry
  • user
    Tiffany Ash DejaBast - Feb 2, 2012
    Very nice! It is definitely good eatin' that is for sure! My Fiance wants the spaghetti cooked like this from now on :-)
  • user
    vickie briningstool cornbreadhill - Feb 5, 2012
    do you cook the pasta first.. and do you stir it all all during cooking
  • user
    Tiffany Ash DejaBast - Feb 5, 2012
    Vickie, you put everything in the pot, uncooked noodles too. I do stir it occasionally, making sure that all the noodles get evenly cooked and that nothing is sticking to the sides of the crock pot :-)
  • user
    Cathy Nunn CJNUNN - Jun 15, 2012
    You know, I think I might just try this! I have a busy day and love when I can make something in a slow cooker... My worry is that the pasta will turn out too overcooked... I have some mild Italian sausage I think I'll add to it along with the ground beef.... Thanks!