Cashew Chicken (Shrimp or Tofu)

Gena Buck


I've always loved the Cashew Chicken that was served in my favorite Chinese restaurant. I decided that I wanted to try to recreate it. My restaurant's version had no veggies, but just cashews and the chicken or shrimp, so mine is similar. My family seemed to like my version when served at home. Later when I began eating more along a vegan lifestyle, I adjusted it to be Cashew Tofu and it was just as delicious!

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15 Min
30 Min


chicken breast per person
2 c
cashews (low salt), reserve 1/2 for on top
2 Tbsp
soy sauce, low sodium
10-15 dash(es)
hot sauce
3 Tbsp
peanut oil
1 clove
garlic minced
t Tbsp
minced fresh ginger
1 c
chicken broth
1 1/2 Tbsp
cooked rice


1Cut chicken or shrimp into bite sized pieces.
2In hot wok or saute pan, put a bit of peanut oil to coat pan. Put minced garlic and grated ginger. Saute lightly.
3Put chicken into wok and quickly stir-fry until all pieces are lightly browned. Remove from pan.
4Pour chicken broth into pan, add soy sauce, drops of hot sauce and stir well...bring to boil.
5Make a slurry out of small amount of water and cornstarch and pour into soy mixture...stirring constantly until thickened.
6Add Chicken back into mix and cook for 4 minutes on high.
7Just before serving, add cashews reserving 1/2 for garnish. Stir thoroughly and serve over cooked rice. Add cashews on top for garnish.
8**If using Shrimp, be careful not to overcook in original cooking. When you add it back into the thickened mixture, the shrimp will continue to cook and will thin your sauce. Add at the last few seconds to avoid "Breaking" the sauce and over cooking the shrimp.
9*** If using Tofu, premarinate your tofu in Liquid Aminos/Water fir 20 minutes, then bake tofu, turning occasionally until all sides are browned and tofu is quite firm. Then skip Step 3 and just add Tofu in Step 6, and finish.