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Wonton Tacos Recipe

Wonton Tacos

By Linda Tarpening
Absolutely loved by the 9 of us!! My daughter Lisa and I had these at Applebee's....

Jeanne's Chili Verde Recipe

Jeanne's Chili Verde

By Jeanne Benavidez
This is a great recipe to have expecially in cooler weather. It can be served with...

Picadillo Recipe


By Jeanne Benavidez
This is a very easy recipe that uses ingredients that you normally have in your pantry.Wonderful...

Spiced Kielbasa Recipe


By Jan W
Got this from a former coworker...my husband just loves it! Something different for a change...

Bit-o-kick Empanada Recipe

Bit-O-Kick Empanada

By Susan Sanner
First time out got rave reviews from a culinary expert who always has "a suggestion". ...

Maw's Spaghetti Recipe

Maw's Spaghetti

By jan c
my grandma made this for us when we were growing up, and i've yet to find...

Crawfish Etouffe Recipe

Crawfish Etouffe

By Dwana Townsend
I am from Southern Louisiana where Crawfish are plentiful and not your regular ditch bugs or...

Pizza Chicken Recipe


By Tammy Stephens
This is a really good lemon garlic chicken that my kids coined "pizza chicken" because when...