#Mac Recipes

Beef Macaroni Skillet Recipe


By Shawn Marie Hasik
Received this and many recipes from a friend who loves to share his recipes with me!...

Chili Mac My Way Recipe

Chili Mac my way

By Julie Tomblin
My mom used to make this instead of spaghetti because the noodles were easier to pick...

Mawma Nancy's  Mac And Cheese Recipe

Mawma Nancy's Mac And Cheese

By Nancy Carney
I make this dish for any big family gathering. I have a granddaughter who always ask...

Comfy Casserole Recipe

Comfy Casserole

By Jami Lynn
This was just a wild mixture of what was in the pantry/ fridge but it turned...

Easy Crock Pot Mac & Cheese Recipe

Easy Crock Pot Mac & Cheese

By Rhonda Greig
This is such a delicious recipe and has endless possiblities for playing with considering all the...