#Litha Recipes

Litha Apple Tortellini Salad Recipe


By Stormy Stewart
This is another wonderful Litha salad. It celebrates the freshness of the new life springing forth...

Original Summer Solstice Blend Recipe

Original Summer Solstice Blend

By Stormy Stewart
This oil can be used for the following purposes: As a meditation aid, anoint your chakra points...

Essex Spice Cakes Recipe

essex spice cakes

By Stormy Stewart
These make wonderful Litha cakes I think the name is a bit misleading as these cakes are...

Egg Stratta Recipe

Egg Stratta

By Chelsea Cameron-Horner
"Litha (June 20-23rd) – Summer Solstice Here are some Summer Solstice, Litha, Mid-Summer’s Eve or Saint...

Litha Grilled Vegtables Recipe

Litha Grilled Vegtables

By Chelsea Cameron-Horner
"Toss some veggies on the grill and dig in for your Litha sabbat celebration!" Note: Some vegetables...