#Liqueur Recipes

Italian Herb Liqueur Recipe

Italian Herb Liqueur

By Stormy Stewart
Italian herb liqueur is a sweet combination that's full of flavor and a wonderful addition to...

Raspberry Gratin Recipe

Raspberry Gratin

By Brenda Savage
you will love this elegant yummy dish the great flavors come together for a great tasting...

Blow Pop Martini Recipe

Blow Pop Martini

By Kate H
I found this and a few of the other drinks I'll be posting a few nights...

Black Dahlia Martini Recipe

Black Dahlia Martini

By Kate H
I'm my friends and families 'mixologist', I rarely stray from vodka I hope you all are...

Banana Split Martini Recipe

Banana Split Martini

By Kate H
My best friend pointed out the other night, That if a drink sounds like a small...

Yummy Holiday Yams Recipe

Yummy Holiday Yams

By Pat Duran
Very festive side dish and a show piece for your table any day of the week-...

Chocolate Bread Pudding With Irish Cream Sauce Recipe

Chocolate Bread Pudding with Irish Cream Sauce

By Kimmi Knippel (Sweet_Memories)
My Queen...Paula Deen! Kahlua, Bailey's & Chocolate....enough said? I made this dessert for my family while we were...

Harvey Wallbanger Cake Recipe

Harvey Wallbanger Cake

By Zelda Hopkins
Well if you like the drink then you will like this simple cake.Its delicious and also...

Drema's Foul Me Up Recipe

Drema's "Foul Me Up"

By Drema Bryant
This drink is aka "Beam Me Up Scotty" - only diffence is layering ingredients in a...