#Kid Recipes

Pulled Zesty Bbq Chicken Sandwiches Recipe

Pulled Zesty BBQ Chicken sandwiches

By S S
This no hassle recipe is delicious and family approved! Use your crock pot to prepare this...

Rainbow Pancakes Recipe

Rainbow Pancakes

By Pat Robarts
Kids love food that has eye appeal, especially if it looks fun. My girls are...

Chicken Thanksgiving Casserole Recipe

Chicken Thanksgiving Casserole

By April Tellini
I love thanksgiving, especially the food that comes after the meal. talking about leftovers- they are...

Easy Crockpot Chili Recipe

Easy Crockpot Chili

By Becky McGinley
After reading many recipes for chili, I came up with my own version. This is super...

Rockin' Red Pepper Pasta Bake Recipe

Rockin' Red Pepper Pasta Bake

By Amy Harris
My toddler sometimes doesn't give me enough time/energy to make dinner so when I'm feeling blah...

Kidz Mini Pizza Calzones Recipe

Kidz Mini Pizza Calzones

By Barbara Miller
These little mini pizza calzones were always my fast food alternative for the grand kids and...