#Jalapenos Recipes

Sweet and Spicy Chili Recipe

Sweet and Spicy Chili

By Monica Valenti

DONT LET THE LONG INGREDIENT LIST SCARE YOU OFF. This is a super meaty chili that really...

Bit-O-Heat Heart-Attack-Mac Recipe

Bit-O-Heat Heart-Attack-Mac

By Jenny White

Definitely not for the faint of heart or anyone watching calories! This mac and cheese is...

Jalapeno Cheese Rolls Recipe

Jalapeno Cheese Rolls

By lisa chambers

These rolls are great, and pretty much fool-proof. They were my first atttempt at bread-making, and...

Grilled Stuffed Jalapenos Recipe

Grilled Stuffed Jalapenos

By Amanda Spencer

My husband and i made these while on vacation and they turned out great! Perfect for...

Peach Salsa Recipe

Peach Salsa

By Melissa Etheridge

This recipe is a little spicy, but it's a great way to use fresh peaches, peppers,...