#Jalapeno Recipes

Guacamole Recipe


By Lori Redifer
I love Guacamole but I never found a store brand one that I liked. I started...

Hoppin' Jalapeno Poppers Recipe

Hoppin' Jalapeno Poppers

By Melissa Varady
These are super good whether you make them with monterey jack cheese or cream cheese. Be...

Hot Pepper Jelly Recipe

Hot Pepper Jelly

Made this last night and it is really good. Not hot like people would think....

Hot Vegetarian Rice And Beans Recipe

Hot Vegetarian Rice and Beans

By Allison Michaels
My Vegetarian rice recipe For lovers of all things HOT, and CHEESY!!! This dish is considered a...

Jalapeno Apple Jelly Recipe

Jalapeno Apple Jelly

By Judy Kaye
OK I looked here and all over the internet and couldn't find a Jalapeno Jelly recipe...

Jalapeno Cheese Burger - Cass's Recipe

Jalapeno Cheese Burger - Cass's

By Cassie *
My family and friends love these burgers..the sandwich packs a wonderful flavor. Pictures do not do...

Jalapeno Cheese Fudge Recipe

Jalapeno Cheese Fudge

By Sarah Phim
This fudge is so delicious! Spicy and good! Great with beer or a cocktail or Soda.

Jalapeno Chicken Rice Soup Recipe

Jalapeno Chicken Rice Soup

By Jean Romero
This recipe is from my cousin Josephine, she makes a pot of this every week, we...