#Holiday Recipes

Hot Cranberry Orange Cider Recipe

Hot Cranberry Orange Cider

By Teressa Drenth
Developed this for all the different guests we had over the holidays. It's perfect after...

My Favorite King Cake Recipe

My Favorite KING CAKE recipe

By Joanna Gotwald
I started makeing KING CAKE about 10 years ago and every year my husbands office requests...

Holiday Punch Recipe

Holiday Punch

By Adriana Torres
Calientitos, or Ponche NavideƱo, is a drink commonly prepared during the holiday season specifically Christmas. The...

Frech Meat Pie (great-great Grandma's Recipe)

Frech Meat Pie (Great-Great Grandma's Recipe)

By Family Favorites
My great-great grandparents were French Canadian. When a fire destroyed their home, they packed up the...

Three Musketeer Chocolate Cake Recipe

Three Musketeer Chocolate Cake

By Jammie Gogel
This is my husband's favorite cake that I make. It's not actually made of 3 Musketeers...

Pita Pizza Recipe

Pita Pizza

By Chef Charles Smith
Makes a quick snack or hors d'oeuvre for a party. I make these for happy hour...

~ Holiday Punch ~ Recipe

~ Holiday Punch ~

By Cassie *
This is one of my sisters recipes, she's served at many parties and showers. Enjoy!