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Lynda's Pepper Chili Recipe

Lynda's Pepper Chili

By Lynda Hayes

My husband and I love Peppers! Sweet, Mild, Hot, and everything in between. So, this chili...

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Gelled Pineapple Slaw Salad Recipe

Gelled Pineapple Slaw Salad

By Susan Feliciano

I've always loved Jell-O salads, even with vegetables. This one is really pretty. I used lemon...

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Evie's Sloppy Tacos Recipe

Evie's Sloppy Tacos

By Evie Starr

We don't like spicy heat, but love the crunch of taco shells. Perfect mix.

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Classic Corned Beef Hash Recipe

Classic Corned Beef Hash

By Pat Duran

This breakfast hash is served at the Greenbrier Resort in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. It's...

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