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Twisted Christmas Tree Bread Recipe

Twisted Christmas Tree Bread

By Pat Duran

Started making this Christmas bread when I was first married 46 years ago and I am...

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Caesar Cardini Salad Recipe

Caesar Cardini Salad

By Leslie Coleman

Long before the Caesar became all the rage, we enjoyed this salad made "Caesar Cardini" way...

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Chicken- and-Broccoli Casserole. Recipe

Chicken- and-Broccoli Casserole.

By donna clark

Leftover turkey or a rotisserie chicken can be used in this csserole. It's fast and easy...

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Carrot Cake Jam Recipe

Carrot Cake Jam

By Pam Ellingson

Found this recipe somewhere online and adapted it to my tastes. I love carrot cake, so...

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Pesto Focaccia Sandwich Recipe

Pesto Focaccia Sandwich

By donna clark

This sandwich can be assembled ahead. After you wrap it in foil, refrigerate until ready to...

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