Healthy Recipes

~ Refreshing Avocado Cups ~ Recipe

~ Refreshing Avocado Cups ~

By Cassie *
Great as a quick healthy lunch or serve as an eye appealing appetizer for your next...

A Creamy Medley of Veggies Recipe

A Creamy Medley of Veggies

By Vasupradha Raghav-Vasudevan
A close cousin of "Vegetable Tikka Masala"!!!! An authentic recipe taken for a fantastic new and...

Sole Piccata Recipe

Sole Piccata

By Leanne D.
This is a recipe I received in my inbox this morning from Saveur Magazine.I liked a...

Mocha Hazelnut Butter Recipe

Mocha Hazelnut Butter

By Annacia *
Try replacing the peanut butter in your favorite peanut butter cookie recipe with THIS nut butter....

Fresh Tomato Salsa Recipe

Fresh Tomato Salsa

By Maven Argyle
I am a fan of fairly straight-forward salsa... nothing too fancy or exotic. This basic...

Date Nut Loaf Recipe

Date Nut Loaf

By Eddie Jordan
This date nut loaf comes from my mother she made every Christmas and gave out as...

Romaine Salad Recipe

Romaine Salad

By Vic Gatto
This is a recipe I learned (or stole) from my wife. The nuts and Ramen...



This recipe was adopted, I touched it up a little. Try it I,m sure you will...

Fiesta Salad Recipe

Fiesta Salad

By Eddie Jordan
This recipe makes 8 single salads. They can be made ahead of time and kept in...

Mixed Greens Recipe

Mixed Greens

By Faye Patterson
This is a dead-ringer for the recipe a local restaurant makes. A great side for...