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Jennifer’s Pumpkin Bread Recipe

Jennifer’s Pumpkin Bread

Woodsy Girl
By Woodsy Girl

I got this recipe from a girlfriend at work (Jennifer). It is the best pumpkin...

Chocolate Macadamia Lace Cookies Recipe

Chocolate Macadamia Lace Cookies

JoSele Swopes
By JoSele Swopes

These are so decadent I love them...I have always bought them at Cost Co or Trader...

My banana nut bread Recipe

My banana nut bread

Leslie Little
By Leslie Little

Sweetie, I think you will love this!! My friends and family all love this.Make a good...

Mom's Pumpkin Bread Recipe

Mom's Pumpkin Bread

Michelle M
By Michelle M

There is NO pumpkin bread recipe that comes close to this one!!! My mom and I...

M&M Cookies In A Jar Recipe

M&M Cookies In A Jar

Stormy Stewart
By Stormy Stewart

These make 2 1/2 dozen cookies and are a fav among kids. Who doesn't love M&M's

Anise cookies Recipe

Anise cookies

maria maxey
By maria maxey

Great old fashion cookie from grandmmy's and now my grandbaby .Brienna

Caramel Banana Buttermilk Bread Recipe

Caramel Banana Buttermilk Bread

Rita Cook
By Rita Cook

The caramel and buttermilk make this a melt in your mouth treat. Your husband or...