#Fudge Recipes

White Christmas Fudge Recipe

White Christmas Fudge


"Pretty Pretty Holiday candies". There is nothing like a plate full of homemade goodies. Here's a...

fudge striped cookies Recipe

fudge striped cookies

By sarah wertz

the people of JAP saved me again! in finding a recipe of my favorite cookies...

Fudge Pound Cake Recipe

Fudge Pound Cake

By Annamaria Settanni McDonald

Fudgey yummy chocolate pound cake, this always makes a great present. Just wrap with cellophane...

Amazing Oreo Fudge Recipe

Amazing Oreo Fudge

By Shay Driver

I made this recipe as a fellowship hour treat for my church, as well as for...

Easy Chocolate Fudge Frosting Recipe

Easy Chocolate Fudge Frosting

By deb baldwin

Another great frosting..Just like fudge on a cake. I also had this recipe for a long time...

Sandra Lee's Espresso Toffee Fudge Recipe

Sandra Lee's Espresso Toffee Fudge

By Brandy Bender

I love Everything about this recipe! I love Toffee, I love Espresso and who doesn't love...

Never Fail Two Tone Fudge Recipe

Never Fail Two Tone Fudge

By Rose Daly

I could never make fudge until I found this in a Family Circle magazine. When my...

Microwave Fudge Recipe

Microwave Fudge

By Kathy Smolkovich

This fudge is soft and nutty, but you can eliminate the peanuts if you prefer.

Kahlua Chocolate Mousse &  Fudge Dessert Shooters Recipe

Kahlua Chocolate Mousse & Fudge Dessert Shooters

By Kim Biegacki

Calling all Chocolate Lovers, hurry up dessert is on the table. These dessert shooters won't last long...