#Fried Recipes

Mexican White Rice Recipe

Mexican White Rice

Diana Cavazos
By Diana Cavazos

I have made white rice almost every weekend since.... well forever, it seems. My husband and...

Fried Green Tomatoes Recipe

Fried Green Tomatoes

Jennifer Bass
By Jennifer Bass

I had first tried Fried Green Tomatoes at a local restaurant. They were sliced almost...

Slaw Po' Boys Recipe

Slaw Po' Boys

Kera T
By Kera T

This Po'Boy recipe was actually created by accident! I had a tangy sauce made for the...

Deep Fried Oreo's Recipe

Deep Fried Oreo's

candace Blume
By candace Blume

my son first tasted these at the local fair, and brought home the recipe insisting we...

Basic Fried Rice Recipe

Basic Fried Rice

Jo Zimny
By Jo Zimny

I really like this recipe. You can use all sorts of things in it like...

Fried Zucchini Recipe

Fried Zucchini

Kim Biegacki
By Kim Biegacki

My Grammie (Roberta Campbell) used to make this all the time. We always had Zucchini...

Apple Cranberry Galette Recipe

Apple Cranberry Galette

Teresa Jacobson
By Teresa Jacobson

A galette is basically a free-formed one crust pie. It can be a dessert, main dish...