For Kids Recipes

Mom's Sour Cream Coffee Cake Recipe

Mom's Sour Cream Coffee Cake

By Carol Perricone

My mom always baked from scratch! She always made delicious cakes, bars and cookies for us...

Chicken Florentine Soup Recipe

Chicken Florentine Soup

By Cathy Jacobsen

This recipe was inspired by a local Italian restaurant that We would frequent often just to...

Passover Honey Cake Recipe

Passover Honey Cake

By Silvie Dosser

This is a modern traditional Passover Cake. The shape of the bundt cake represents the...

Green Spaghetti Recipe

Green Spaghetti

By Elizabeth Lancaster

Yes, you heard right! Green Spaghetti. I was working in a Mexican Restaurant when I was...

Funnel Cakes Recipe

Funnel Cakes

By chris elizondo

Everyone loves funnel cakes! Who knew they were so easy to make at home ? Load...

Old-Fashioned Patty Melts from Mr. Food Recipe

Old-Fashioned Patty Melts from Mr. Food


Take your tastebuds to the dinner, and cook up our flavorful Old-Fashioned Patty Melts. You want...

Crisp Turkey Fundidos Recipe

Crisp Turkey Fundidos

By Carolyn Parke

We are football fans in my home. After Thanksgiving, this is one of our favorite foods...