#Easy Recipes

Candy Apple Salad Recipe

Candy Apple Salad

By Linda Griffith
This is so easy and delicious. It's a family favorite that we serve every Thanksgiving,...

Reuben Chicken Recipe

Reuben Chicken

By Tina Knudson
I don't care for swiss cheese or thousand island dressing, but this chicken is delicious and...

Fruit Dip Recipe

Fruit Dip

By Tina Knudson
We used to buy this at our local grocery store until we found out how easy...

Bob's Beef Recipe

Bob's Beef

By Tina Knudson
This is a great sandwhich meat to serve at parties or anything else you need something...

Amazing Alfredo Sauce Recipe

Amazing Alfredo Sauce

By Jolene Habeck
Great substitute for alfredo sauce. Love it in white lasagna or just with fav pasta!

Kelly's Apple Pie Recipe

Kelly's Apple Pie

By Fran Miller
This recipe came from one of my 3rd grade co-teachers, who actually makes apple pies with...

Goulash Recipe


By Ramona K
I come from a family of 7 siblings and my Mother didn't know how to cook...