Easy Dump Cake: Angel Food Pineapple Cake Recipe

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What’s not to love about dump cake recipes? And this one is in a class all by itself. When you need to serve a dessert on the light side, this fits the menu! The recipe makes 16 servings, with each one providing 127 calories, 0 fat; 0 cholesterol; 29 grams carbohydrate and 1.5 grams protein. With stats like that, you can feel confident to serve as a heart healthy and/or diabetic-friendly dessert. I always keep a box of angel food cake mix and a can of crushed pineapple on hand to make this dessert at a moment’s notice.


1 16-ounce box angel food cake mix
1 20-ounce can crushed pineapple in its own juice, undrained
Optional topping: Powdered sugar or whipped topping

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Charles Bartels cbjr
Mar 8, 2013
I found that the cake came out a little thin and sticky. Did I do something wrong? I mixed both bags of angel food cake mix and can of pineapple as directed. The cake rose during bake but settled after cooling. It has a good taste, just wanted to know if it turned out right.
PJ Stephenson pen55
Jan 31, 2013
sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo easy! Sooooooooooooooooooo good! You don't even have to spray the pan...in fact you shouldn't! It won't stick...or mine didn't. I just top it with "Cool-Whip" covered it and refrigerate!
Low carb., zero fat, low cal...GREAT dessert!
PJ Stephenson pen55
Jan 31, 2013
I tried this recipe and say it's Family Tested & Approved!