Blue Ribbon Easter Recipes


Find recipes for your favorite Easter fare!


Chocolate Easter Bundt Cake Recipe

Chocolate Easter Bundt Cake

By Sandra B.

My family loves this bundt cake. We always make this for Easter. It's best when served...

Fresh Green Bean Casserole Recipe

Fresh Green Bean Casserole

By Lynn Socko

This is NOT your Mama's Green Bean Casserole, sorry Mama! This is freshness at it's...

Caramel Coconut Marshmallow Balls Recipe

Caramel Coconut Marshmallow Balls


This is a delightful cookie candy and if you love caramel and coconut you will be...

Easter Knot Cookies Recipe

Easter Knot Cookies

By Lisa Cancilla

We make these delicious cookies every Easter. You can keep the icing white if you...

Easter Rice Pie Recipe

Easter Rice Pie

By Jessica S

Rice pie(along with Ricotta pie) is our family's traditional Easter dessert. Like many Italian desserts, it...

Italian Easter Bread Recipe

Italian Easter Bread

By Joanne Bellezza-Loughlin

This is my mom's recipe. She got it from her girlfriend, Bernie. Both great cooks. The...

Hot Cross Buns Recipe

Hot Cross Buns

By Beth M.

The aroma of baking bread,with cinnamon and nutmeg brings pleasure, and just out of the oven...

Gaiety Pastel Cookies Recipe

Gaiety Pastel Cookies

By Linda Locke

I have known these cookies by several names; pastel cookies, gelatin cookies, and gaiety pastels. I...

Momma's Holiday Rice Recipe

Momma's Holiday Rice

By Gwen Mills

This was my mom's recipe that she always fixed for Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter dinner. I...

60 Minute Rolls Recipe

60 Minute Rolls


This can be made into bread or rolls, and is really only 60 minutes from the...

Italian Easter Cookies Recipe

Italian Easter Cookies

By denise hagar

These are traditionally rolled and tied into knots, but being pressed for time. I used a...