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~ Apple Dumplings My Way ~ Recipe

~ Apple Dumplings My Way ~

By Cassie *

Cassie *

This is my recipe & first time ever making apple dumplings. I had some leftover...

Herbed Dumplings Recipe

Herbed Dumplings

By deb baldwin

deb baldwin

I just love dumplings. My DH, not as much..so if I cook them I have to...

Week Night Chicken N Dumplins Recipe

Week Night Chicken N Dumplins

By Lynne Hawkins

Lynne Hawkins

We do love our chicken and dumplings, but the traditional method just takes a bit too...

Nifla AKA German Dumplings Recipe

Nifla AKA German Dumplings

By Brandy Bender

Brandy Bender

My Great Grandmother tought my Grandmother who tought my Mother who tought me how to make...

Apple Dumplings Recipe

Apple Dumplings

By Gail Welch

Gail Welch

A great alternative to apple pie. I've been making these for over 30 years.