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Grown-Up Hot Chocolate Recipe

Grown-Up Hot Chocolate

Echo Day
By Echo Day

In the amount of time it would normally take to microwave the water, mix in the...

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Bella's Sherry Nog Recipe

Bella's Sherry "Nog"

Christabel Roseau
By Christabel Roseau

This recipe has been adapted from a recipe found almost 5 hundred years ago. I love...

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Special Spiced Cider Recipe

Special Spiced Cider

Jacque Warren
By Jacque Warren

My whole family loves this all winter. It makes for a warm cozy time anytime...

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Bourbon Slush Recipe

Bourbon Slush

Judy Welch
By Judy Welch

I received this recipe about 20 years ago at our office party and I have made...

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eggnog for one Recipe

eggnog for one

alice burt
By alice burt

I truly enjoy eggnog and get cravings for eggnog often. This simple recipe is just the...

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Strawberry Milkshake Recipe

Strawberry Milkshake

Jenn Visser
By Jenn Visser

I was trying to come up with a healthier version...I like the almond milk's texture, but...

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Fireside Coffee Mix Recipe

Fireside Coffee Mix

Mary Hodges
By Mary Hodges

Enjoy some quiet time with Jesus and a hot cup of coffee. Great and inexpensive Christmas gift...

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raspberry iced tea Recipe

raspberry iced tea

Thelma S
By Thelma S

This is very refreshing. When I made it, I didn't do the ice cubes. Also ...

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My habit of stopping off at the gas station for my morning cappuchino or to Caribu...

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Champagne Punch Recipe

Champagne Punch

Elyzabeth Tate
By Elyzabeth Tate

This stuff is yummy!! It goes fast so buy enough to make a second batch. ...

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Easy hot chocolate Recipe

Easy hot chocolate

Paloma Morris
By Paloma Morris

I keep chocolate bars in the spice cabinet for this. Everyone can have their own...

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Chocolate Chocolate Milkshake Recipe

Chocolate Chocolate Milkshake

Laura Davis
By Laura Davis

"Whipping cream makes this chocolate milkshake creamy and as light as air. Drizzle with chocolate syrup...

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Almond Tea Recipe

Almond Tea

Melissa Arrington
By Melissa Arrington

We had this at a work party and it was absolutely delicious. Wonderful for a spring...

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