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Surprise Punch

By Shannon Renee supermomshan

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Shannon's Story

This was originally called "poop". My great grandma made this concoction for her grandchildren and my dad used to make it with me when I was a kid and I make it in my home often. It's comforting to me. This drink is made to change every time because you always use different ingredients. I now use one recipe that I have grown to like.


1 pkg
grape koolade
1 pkg
lemon-lime crystal light
sparkling water or 7-up (optional)

Directions Step-By-Step

I like to make this with grape koolade and lemon-lime crystal light with slices of lemon and lime and fresh squeezed lemon and lime juice. But this drink started out with real grape juice and different fruit juices added with slices of oranges and lemons and whatever my great grandma had around. You can really experiment and have fun with this. It could be good with some grapefruit. I have also tried adding 7-up or sparkling water to replace some of the water. This was always served in an antique aqua pitcher. My mom found one in an antique store that she bought for me just for this reason, because it was sentimental to me. this could also be served in a punch bowl for a party.

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