Punch Recipes

Meave's Yule Punch Recipe

Meave's Yule Punch

By Amy Herald

This punch is so yummy. I make it every Christmas. You can also make this a...

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Blender Lemonade Recipe

Blender Lemonade

By Elizabeth Lancaster

Yes, that's right! Blender Lemonade! I bought 50 lbs of lemons (because they were on sale for...

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Caramel Apple Pie Sangria Recipe

Caramel Apple Pie Sangria

By Lisa Nicometi Garrow Pantry Cleaner

Great cocktail for the fall-winter holiday's Who doesn't like apple pie? Add caramel & spirits and...

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Hot Spiced Apple Cider Recipe

Hot Spiced Apple Cider

By Amy Herald

Both directions for this recipe make an amazing cider. I won't lie though, for some reason...

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 Christmas Punch Recipe

" Christmas Punch"


Found in my "12 days of Christmas Cookbook". Delight any holiday with this drink. I also make...

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Evergreen Punch Recipe

Evergreen Punch

By Bernice Mosteller

I learned to make this punch in a high school cooking class, years ago. You...

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