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Serves: 2 qt. pitcher
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6 cups brewed coffee still hot
2 cups skim milk
1-2 t vanilla
2 pkg. sugar free hot cocoa
large glass and lots of ice cubes
1 tablespoon splenda

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JANE's notes for this recipe:
I love specialty coffees but my sugar free lifestyle makes it hard to find a good one. McDonald's has a sugar free vanilla but the price is not good if you want it on a daily basis,like I do in the summer. So, I come up with this recipe and enjoy iced coffee every day. I like to make a pot of decafe in the evening and I save what's left in a pitcher to make iced coffee the next day.(I put in the hot cocoa packages while coffee is still hot) Hope you will try it.
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In 2 qt. pitcher, put in coffee and stir in 2 pkg. hot cocoa. Stir to blend. Add milk, splenda and vanilla. Stir. Store in fridge until cool. Pour in tall glass with lots of ice.
NOTE: If you have any sugar free or no sugar added vanilla ice cream, put in a couple tablespoons of that for added creaminess.

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user JANE LOUISE lovinspoonful - Jun 3, 2011
I shared a photo of this recipe. View photo
user Susan Feliciano frenchtutor - Jun 3, 2011
Thanks, Jane! This is a good one. I guess you could make it a "soy latte" by substituting soy milk.
user JANE LOUISE lovinspoonful - Jun 3, 2011
That's a great idea! And, you wouldn't need to put it in when the coffee was hot. I love the no sugar added chocolate soy milk found in the health food aisle, not the refrigerated section. It's delicious and has no sugar. Thanks for the tip Susan.
user Susan Feliciano frenchtutor - Jun 3, 2011
Are you talking about Soy Slender? I love that. It actually comes flavored, too - they have a cappucino flavor.
user JANE LOUISE lovinspoonful - Jun 3, 2011
Yes. I have used all the flavors. I use the chocolate on my cheerios and bananas in the mornings. They're great.

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