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This buttermilk recipe is more detailed than the one I posted earlier. Both recipes are very good. Just choose the one you like best.

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1 qt
cultured buttermilk
3 cups
whole milk, (store bought works also)

Directions Step-By-Step

6-8 oz cultured buttermilk, (make sure it says cultured and is not out of date;check date on carton).Place 3 cups whole milk(store bought works),in clean 1 quart jar with a secure lid, (such as canning jar).
Add bacterial starter of 6-8 oz of active fresh cultured buttermilk to qt jar. Use 6 oz if certain of the freshness of the starter, (a ratio of about one part starter plus 4 parts milk). When in doubt, use a full cup of buttermilk as starter, (a ratio of 1 part starter plus 3 parts milk). Fill jar with fresh milk mix. Screw lid on securely, shake to mix thoroughly. Label with date.
Let sit in warm room till clabbered. It SHOULD be thickened in 24 hours. If it takes longer than 36 hours, the starter was no longer active. The buttermilk may, or may not be tasty if it took longer than 36 hours. (If in doubt it may still be used for baking).
However, 24 hours later (at room temperature) the bacteria should have firmented the milk. When finished, the finished and thickened buttermilk coats the glass. The finished milk should be refrigerated, it keeps easily for several weeks.

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Straws Kitchen CinCooks
Aug 19, 2012
Pat, did anyone ever tell you that you could just "edit" your original recipe for homemade buttermilk and do any additions or delete something you want to change??? Jap has to approve the changes (edit), so it takes it a day or two for it to show up on your post.
Maybe this will be of some help to you.
Pat Campbell fillemup
Aug 20, 2012
Hey Cin, thanks for the "hint." Still learning. It Must be the same as teaching old dogs new tricks. (just as long as I dont start barking and scratching fleas.) I hope my sense of humor does not have an infection also. Did I really mess up the buttermilk post that badly? If so, I deeply apoligize.
Am unhappy about your knee. Does icy hot really help? I never knew I had the "affliction" until the Dr. told me, plus, something that keeps slipping in and out under my right kneecap. Oh well, I guess "all that"comes to everyone, starting at a certain period in life that I really dont want to talk about. (LOL) Thanks again for the comments and get that knee in shape. God Bless you and yours.
Straws Kitchen CinCooks
Aug 20, 2012
("Did I really mess up the buttermilk post that badly?")

NO...I did not think you messed it up. I just wondered why you "reposted" your buttermilk recipe here???

Yes, Icy Hot does seems to help eaze the pain. Guess all this just comes with ole age...and I'm there.