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Adult Gummy Bears

By Debbie wright debbie110772

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Several Kid like adults.
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Cooking Method:
No-Cook or Other

Debbie's Story

I posted this in one of my groups and it was requested I post the recipe. Its very easy and not really a perfect science.


1 pkg
gummy bears
vodka...i use a good vodka only because i am a vodka snob
optional..favorite pucker (i have used apple pucker, watermelon, and island punch)

Directions Step-By-Step

Put Gummy bears in a shallow container
Pour vodka and pucker ..enough to cover them well. I probaly use 3/4 vodka and 1/4 pucker
Seal and put in the refrigerator atleast 8 hours..they need time to absorb..If i think about it i give them a stir every now and then
I serve them with little plastic condiment cups..they are sticky but oh soooo good

About this Recipe

Course/Dish: Other Drinks
Main Ingredient: Alcohol
Regional Style: American

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Susan Jackson MidnightBabe
Nov 13, 2011
My recipe has never been published nor have I given it to anyone before I posted it here. I came up with the recipe myself. Enjoy!
Debbie wright debbie110772
Nov 13, 2011
YUMMMM..I love Italian Margaritas..Ill give it a try!!
Susan Jackson MidnightBabe
Nov 13, 2011
Thank you, I am going to try this because it sounds yummy. You ought to give my recipe a try. Sue's Italian Margaritas.
Debbie wright debbie110772
Nov 13, 2011
It depends on how big of a bag of gummy bears you use. I put min in a shallow container and use enough vodka to cover the bears then add pucker. They will absorb whatever you pour.
Susan Jackson MidnightBabe
Nov 12, 2011
How much Vodka and Pucker? Cups etc?