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Mama's Amazing Hot Cocoa Recipe

Mama's Amazing Hot Cocoa

Gina Cisto
By Gina Cisto

I could never express how cherished this recipe is in my family. This is the cocoa...

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Banana Cream Pie Milk Shake Recipe

Banana Cream Pie Milk Shake

Pat Duran
By Pat Duran

This a rich and cream shake and make enough for two shakes. Nice and frosty with...

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Pitcher Margaritas Recipe

Pitcher Margaritas

Pat Duran
By Pat Duran

Many classic cocktails and mixed drinks are delicious when made ahead, others are at their peak...

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Butternut Squash-Pear- Shooters Recipe

Butternut Squash-Pear- Shooters

Pat Duran
By Pat Duran

These shooters were so good at my friends house last Halloween that I begged her for...

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Dreamsicle Soda Recipe

Dreamsicle Soda

Christina Holt
By Christina Holt

Such a yummy summertime treat, for those of you who used to love the Dreamsicle bars...

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Black Dahlia Martini Recipe

Black Dahlia Martini

Kate H
By Kate H

I'm my friends and families 'mixologist', I rarely stray from vodka I hope you all are...

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