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Citrus Ginger Infused Water

By Rachel Cook MeanAndClean

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Rachel's Story

Aside from curing old sea limeys of scurvy for centuries, citrus gives us our electrolytes, vitamin C and cleanses our bodies as we all know, but Ginger on the other hand has a completely different arsenal in store for us.

Ginger is an anti-inflammatory, nausea staving, cancer killing, digestion kicking, cold fighting, soar throat healing super food. And the best part is that's only half of it.

Water has never been so good for you and ON THE CHEAP!

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8 c
purified water
peeled ginger root
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Directions Step-By-Step

Not adding water yet, slice lemon in halves and gently squeeze juice of one half of the lemon into the jar as not to completely destroy the half. Cut both the squeezed and the remaining half into thin rings no thicker than 1/4" and drop those in the jar as well.
Chop peeled ginger root into thin slivers to expose as much surface as possible and drop into the jar. Coin or stick shape will do fine.
Pour water over the lemons and ginger giving it a good stir and then let sit in the fridge for a minimum of 30 min. Overnight is best. Serve cold and often. Cheers!
((Have fun with this concept. Adding scoops of melon, coins of cucumber, sprigs of mint, sprigs of parsley, orange slices and many other refreshing fruits, veggies or herbs will only make the water more exciting, refreshing and healthy.)) Do not add sugar!

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    Rachel Cook MeanAndClean - Sep 7, 2012
    I shared a photo of this recipe.
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  • user
    Rachel Cook MeanAndClean - Sep 7, 2012
    I shared a photo of this recipe.
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    Marsha Gardner mrdick1950 - Sep 7, 2012
    Can't wait til the morning to try this. I have finally gotten myself all soda, even diet, which I finally figured out was no better for us then regular soda. Anyway water and teas are my only drink now. I already use lemon or cucumber but I just love ginger and that will great I know. I do make a couple of teas with ginger and sometimes add to chicken broth when we have a cold. I have weaned myself all the medicines the doctors had me on for over 20 years. 14 of them at last count and I feel better than I did while on them. I was really feeling lousy and googled my meds and found that 2 of them were interacting with one another not a good interaction which was causing me some problems. Neither doctor or pharmacists caught this and I decided that day to get off. Took a while, several I had to slowly wean off and others I just quit cold turkey. Found that diet and natural things do just as well if not better. Thanks for the post.
  • user
    Rachel Cook MeanAndClean - Sep 8, 2012
    WAY TO GO! No Meds and ditching the sugar water and artificial sweeteners. Believe it or not, those can have a worse affect on your health that you think. It's amazing isn't it how doctors will fan out pills to us with little regard to what they might conflict with? Not with every doctor, but with many of them major pharmaceutical companies send their sponsors to visit the clinics and hospitals to gain physicians who will represent their medication. Think trail periods and case studies for unproven medication. But that's only part of it. Kick backs are involved but ultimately, rather than seeking out the true nature of the issue, they would rather give you the pill for which they sponsor. In reality, your average practitioner, though having a very involved education hasn't received a very thorough education when it comes to understanding nutrition and its function. It is amazing how what you ingest, whether it be at present or over a stretched period of time, affects every network in your body and how it functions; think cause and effect. You are one of so many amazing stories that represent the power of healthy choices. Being off medication is like tossing of your fetters. I can only imagine! Congrats!
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    Rachel Cook MeanAndClean - Sep 8, 2012
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