Iced Mocha Coffee

Cindi Bauer


A delicious chocolate flavored iced coffee, which you can enjoy either topped with Cool Whip, or with out!

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One serving (1-1/3 cups, or 11-ounces)


8 ounces
cold water
1 Tablesp.
instant coffee (maxwell house or folgers)
3 Tablesp.
chocolate syrup
4 Tablesp.
half-and-half cream
1 to 2
individual packets of splenda no calorie sweetener
ice cubes
cool whip (optional ingredient)


1In a large coffee cup or coffee mug, add the water and instant coffee. (I added the ingredients to one 16-ounce coffee mug.) Place coffee cup or mug in a microwave, and microwave until coffee is heated through.
2Stir the coffee, and place cup or mug in the refrigerator for 30 minutes; to chill.
3To the cup or mug, add the chocolate syrup, half-and-half cream, plus 1-2 packets of Splenda; (I used 1-1/2 packets) stir to mix.
4Add ice cubes to a tall beverage glass. Pour coffee over the ice cubes, and top it with a dollop or two of Cool Whip.