Got "Green Stache" Juice?

Kim Biegacki


It's that time of year with spring around the corner to not only do spring cleaning in the house but to cleanse out the body too. I love, love, love "green juice"! It is so healthy for you, refreshing and cleansing at the same time. Now, I like making this in the Vitamix or my juicer. Either way, you'll be getting lots of health benefits. Even better if the veggies come from your own garden! This is a simple green juice to start out with if you have never had any before. The apple gives a little sweetness which my husband Anthony enjoys so I always add it.

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1 - 2 people
5 Min


2 - 3 medium
celery ribs
1 bunch
baby spinach
4-5 large
fresh kale leaves
3 - 4 small
romaine lettuce leaves
1 medium
apple, sliced
1/2 large


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1Prep your veggies...rinse them, chop them if you want and slice up your apple too. ---Try if you can to get organic but if not you can rinse your veggies with a vinegar solution to get off some of the chemicals.

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2Get out your Vitamix or juicer...whichever you have and make some "stache" juice. Add your greens and apple along with 1/2 cup of water. Blend well and add more water if you want.

*** If making in the Vitamix this will include the fiber which makes this a thick juice just add more water if necessary.

*** If made in your juicer it will be pure and thin juice and easy to drink.

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3Ready to pour that beautiful green juice.

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4Drink up and sport your green stache. lol --- We drink this up the same day it is made. I know they say it can last for several days but I prefer to make enough for daily use. Then, fresh juice the next day.

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5Sometimes I let the dogs have just a little green juice too.

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6Paczki sportin' his "green stache"! lol

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