Lemon Tea Blend

Teresa Horn


This is a wonderful tea mix to have on hand for when company comes over or just to pamper yourself. It is in a small herbal cookbook that I published a long time ago.

It is very refreshing and is even better for you if you grow your own organic herbs. Hope you enjoy ;)

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10 Min


No-Cook or Other


1 c
dried crushed lemon verbena leaves
1 c
dried crushed lemon balm leaves
1 c
dried snipped lemon grass
1 c
dried crushed lemon thyme leaves
4 Tbsp
dried lemon rind pieces
2 Tbsp
dried chamomile flowers

Directions Step-By-Step

Mix all ingredients thoroughly. Store in a air tight container and label.
To Brew: Place 3 Tablespoons of the tea mix in a coffee filter tied closed or use a teaball. Place in a pre-warmed tea pot, cover with 6 cups of boiling water. Let steep for 20 minutes. Enjoy ;)
This tea can be enjoyed hot or chilled. It is very good to have for a cold winter's day.

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