Cocktail Recipes

Bloody Mary Mix Recipe

Bloody Mary Mix

Gary Hancq
By Gary Hancq

Talk to anyone and they'll tell you they make the Best Bloody Mary Mix, or they...

Aunt Alice's Apricot Brandy Recipe

Aunt Alice's Apricot Brandy

Donna Mann
By Donna Mann

I used to make this occasionally. I haven't for quite a while but remember it as...

Apple Pie Schnapps Recipe

Apple Pie Schnapps

Brenda Broadfoot
By Brenda Broadfoot

Keith (My hubby) made this for Christmas and new years.... it never makes it pass the...

Chocolate Cake Shooter Recipe

Chocolate Cake Shooter

Jamallah Bergman
By Jamallah Bergman

Whoever thought to make something so sinful as Chocolate Cake as a shooter....yum!

Limoncello that Packs a Punch! Recipe

Limoncello that Packs a Punch!

Joyce Newman
By Joyce Newman

This is a great after dinner aperitif and it packs a punch! One little cordial full...

Kahlua Vodka Frosties Recipe

Kahlua Vodka Frosties

Stephanie Heitmeier
By Stephanie Heitmeier

Had these for New Years! Easy and Yummy. Garnish with Ready Whip and chopped marashino cherries...

Raspberry Mochatini Recipe

Raspberry Mochatini

By S I

I just LOVE chocolate martinis, and the combination of raspberries with chocolate; so when a favorite...