Cocktail Recipes

Cherry Bombs Recipe

Cherry Bombs

By Joanne Hollingsworth
I stumbled across this recipe in a whole-in-the-wall bar a couple of decades ago. They sold...

Elderflower Cordial Recipe

Elderflower Cordial

By Stormy Stewart
The season for Elderflowers is short, June through to mid-July. The heavily scented flowers make a...

Italian Herb Liqueur Recipe

Italian Herb Liqueur

By Stormy Stewart
Italian herb liqueur is a sweet combination that's full of flavor and a wonderful addition to...

Dandelion Wine Recipe

Dandelion Wine

By Stormy Stewart
dandelion is used for a Gentle diuretic. Choleretic. Mild laxative. Digestive. Hepatic tonic. Cholagogue. Anti rheumatic. This...

Pan's Wine Recipe

Pan's Wine

By Stormy Stewart
A wonderful edition to any sabbat. especially a mid-summers night, Litha. You can make it this...

Creamy Lemonade Vodka Recipe

Creamy Lemonade Vodka

By Kathy Joppie
This recipe is courtesy of Sandra Lee and the Food Network. It is a great summer...