Cocktail Recipes

Cucumber Lemonade Recipe

Cucumber Lemonade


I like the drink, I got it off of Guy's Big Bite.. Love his drinks..Try it...

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Fruity Tuity Tini-Tail Recipe

Fruity Tuity Tini-Tail

Sherri Williams
By Sherri Williams

My summer grown up fruit cocktail. Enjoy this refreshing mix fresh chopped fruit, orange mango...

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Easy Pina Coladas Recipe

Easy Pina Coladas

Stormy Stewart
By Stormy Stewart

This is a great recipe for family outings and any BBQ. It can be made with...

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On the Beach Recipe

On the Beach


This drink can be a alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage.. You can also make this a kids...

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Raspberry Almond Tea Recipe

Raspberry Almond Tea


This is a great drink for the holidays and for the summer days.. We are a...

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Bloody Mary Recipe

Bloody Mary

Nicole Bredeweg
By Nicole Bredeweg

I had one of those cravings, "Mmm, wouldn't a Bloody Mary be great right now!". ...

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Spiced Tea Punch Recipe

Spiced Tea Punch

Holly Watson
By Holly Watson

Original Recipe is from Food Network magazine. I tweaked it a bit! :) This tea was so...

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No Name Cocktail! Recipe

No Name Cocktail!

Jan W
By Jan W

Some friends of mine attended a restaurant in Pgh, PA, this drink was on the menu....

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Cucumber Martinis Recipe

Cucumber Martinis

Nicole Bredeweg
By Nicole Bredeweg

My husband and I re-instituted "Date Night". As part of our attempts to find fun...

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Black Russian Cake Recipe

Black Russian Cake

Jenni K
By Jenni K

I received this recipe from a friend and have made it often. I've never met...

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