Cocktail Recipes

Sweet Thing Cocktail Recipe

Sweet Thing Cocktail

Patrice Manning
By Patrice Manning

This weeks Happy Birthday drink, in the Denver Post, is for Chaka Khan. She has hits...

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Power Outage Irish Creme Recipe

Power Outage Irish Creme

LeAnna Lyons
By LeAnna Lyons

After making up this recipe the first time, the name "Power Outage" came to mind because...

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Boiler Maker Recipe

Boiler Maker

Patrice Manning
By Patrice Manning

Todays drink in the Denver Post is for Rhea Perlman (Cheers) whose having her 63 birthday...

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Bailey's Cream Recipe

Bailey's Cream

Doreen Fish
By Doreen Fish

A friend gave me this recipe about 10 years ago. I made it one Christmas to take...

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The Perfect Red Sangria Recipe

The Perfect Red Sangria

Melissa Royal
By Melissa Royal

I love red wine Sangria, so I have tried making it several different ways, and I...

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Cranberry Ginger Tea Recipe

Cranberry Ginger Tea


Its a great refreshing drink for entertaining, If you like a kick add some vodka..

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Adult Watermelon Slush Recipe

Adult Watermelon Slush

Brandy Bodle
By Brandy Bodle

This is one of my favorite summer drinks. It is my take on the classic Strawberry...

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Pomegranate Cooler Recipe

Pomegranate Cooler


It's tart, full of vitamin C and loaded with antioxidants. Here, it becomes a refreshing summer...

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