Frozen Stoli in Red Rose Ice (Cristal Stolichnaya in Iced Rose Bouquet)

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By Lynnda Cloutier eatygourmet


For a special occasion, you can't beat this. It's gorgeous! Unknown source

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1 empty milk container (1/2 gallon size), open top seams and wash thoroughly
1 bottle (750 ml) stolichnaya vodka or other vodka of choice
8 red roses with leave attached, or any color that will harmonize with the season or decor

Directions Step-By-Step

Place bottle of vodka, with cap slightly unscrewed in milk container.Cut rose
stems, so that each rose measures 7 to 8 inches. Roses must be lower than the
neck of the bottle. Place 2 roses on each side of the milk carton surrounding
the vodka bottle, and spread the leaves a little. Now fill the container with
water up to the neck of the bottle.Don't fill with water above the neck, for it
will be hard to serve. Make certain the roses are deep in the container and
covered with water. Place in freezer until water is frozen solid; vodka will not
freeze. This can be done days or weeks in advance. To remove container, allow
vodka to stand at room temperature for 10 minutes and peel off the paper. Place
vodka in glass bowl or small silver platter and serve with pride. Have a towel
close by, and discard water as it melts. This is the most gorgeous way to serve
frozen vodka. The beautiful array of crimson roses framing each bottle of vodka
is a sight to behold. Preparation is very easy and the beauty is well worth the
expense of the roses. I have described the process in excruciating detail.
Simply put, place a bottle of vodka in an empty 1/2 gallon milk container, wedge
the roses and leaves around the bottle, fill with water and freeze.
Source: Renny Darling

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Fran Miller TchrLdy71
Sep 5, 2011
Please take a photo of this the next time you do it. I'd love to see it! Thanks. =^..^=
Kelly Kingett vacooks
Sep 5, 2011
Great idea! Can it be done with other things as well, like oranges or lemons? Maybe even cranberries for the holidays?
Lynnda Cloutier eatygourmet
Sep 5, 2011
It sure can. Only your imagination is the limit. Of course, there are some things that don't freeze well. But all in all, you can pretty much use what you like. You can even use plastic stuff.
Lynnda Cloutier eatygourmet
Sep 5, 2011
I'll try to take a picture, Fran. Don't know when I'm going to be making another one, though. Maybe for the holidays, with holly and berries and such.
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