Elderflower Liqueur

Stormy Stewart


This recipe takes over 6 weeks so plan ahead for your festivals

I based this on an Italian limoncello recipe. I’ve used liters to measure the Liquids because vodka usually is measured by the liter. If this measurement
Throws you, just substitute quart for liter and pint for half a liter. These measurements do not have to be exact.

benefits of elderflower
• Traditionally used as a de-tox, to build the immune system by clearing toxins thru the lymph glands.

• For respiratory problems, elderflower was used to treat asthmatics in the days before “modern” medication; and as an expectorant to clear catarrh.

• To build up “poorly” people (especially children and the elderly) before winter – as coughs and colds and influenza were killers through a cold European winter.

• In spring, elderflower concentrate, also known as elderflower cordial, was used to relieve the symptoms of allergies to pollens etc; to reduce the effects of sinusitis.

• Elderflower tea was used as a blood purifier; and as a tonic or ointment to fade freckles or skin blemishes. Many modern skin tonics still contain elderflowers.

“I find that it is very relaxing. At the end of a long day having a hot elderflower tea (with a slice of ginger or lemon or lime) before bedtime is, for me, a proven recipe for better sleep. And, it is a great alternative to tea or coffee.” - Anne Ashbolt

Many people rave of its affects to soothe a sore throat or “to knock a cold on the head”.

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30 Min


12 oz
elderflowers, rinsed and cleaned
3 oz
fresh lemon balm leaves, rinsed
peel of three lemons (avoid the bitter white pith)
1/2 l
2 c
sugar syrup (use less if you want the final drink to be less sweet)


2 c
1 c


1Stuff elder blossoms, lemon balm and lemon peel into a clean glass jar.
2Pour vodka over herbs and press down so vodka covers everything. Let jar sit On countertop for 1 month. Shake it once a day; the vodka gradually will turn Deep amber in color.
3After a month, remove herbs and lemon peel. Squeeze them over a large bowl to Remove the flavored vodka. Strain the vodka in the jar through a sieve into the Same bowl. Thoroughly clean the jar, then return the flavored vodka to the jar.
4Make sugar syrup: Bring water to a boil. Add sugar, return to boil and simmer Until liquid is clear. Remove from heat and cool.
5Add cooled sugar syrup to jar, cover, and let sit for another 2 weeks.

After 2 weeks, pour liqueur into small, decorative bottles and seal.

To serve,pour a Portion into a small container and chill in the freezer until very cold.
Serve In chilled cordial glasses.

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