Apple Pie Schnapps

Brenda Broadfoot Recipe

By Brenda Broadfoot luvintherecipes

2 1/2 gallons

Keith (My hubby) made this for Christmas and new years.... it never makes it pass the first night!! It goes down smooth and truly taste like apple pie!!
If you drink this could its great for shots.... if you drink it warm its a little potant and is great for a sipper.
Wish I had pictures of the finish product but by the time I think to take a picture its all gone!!


1 gal
apple juice
1 gal
apple cider (the kind in the refrigerator section)
1 1/2 c
sugar (im pretty sure he adds 2 cups)
3 stick
long cinnamon sticks
1 l
everclear (corn whiskey)

Directions Step-By-Step

bring to a boil the apple juice, apple cider, cinnamon sticks and sugar. Stir till sugar dissolves.
Once mix is boiling let boil for 5 minutes or so then remove from heat. Let cool to room temp. Then add Liter of Everclear and stir. Remember its deliciously stronger when not chilled but watch out because when it is chilled it dangerously delicious!
place in empty wine bottles or whatever you have with one cinnamon stick per container, if you have more than 3 containers just break them in half. When we first made this we just used the juice containers and a glass jar. Then Friends gave us Empty Grey Goose and X Rated bottles so now we use them and wash reuse them.

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Nov 10, 2011 - S I shared this recipe with discussion group: Let's Have a Beverage! (aka "Let's Have A Drink!")
Brenda Broadfoot luvintherecipes
Sep 22, 2011
Glad you enjoyed it!!!!
Louise Sherwood weezie19470
Sep 20, 2011
Thank you. I did kind it in our liquor store, i made it and it was great. everyone loved it, We will going to Fl. for the winter and going to make a batch when i get down there. :)
Brenda Broadfoot luvintherecipes
Sep 20, 2011
its a corn whiskey i would just go into a local liquor store and ask them they should know what it is and how to get it if they dont have it. Good luck
Tess (TJM) Moore tmoo
Sep 9, 2011
is everclear a brand name of whiskey.... I'm out here on the west coast...