#Dinner Recipes

Mushroom crusted Quiche Recipe

Mushroom crusted Quiche

By Deb Crane
Unique crust of mushrooms and crackers, with a blend of cheese's. Wonderful and flavorful, and healthy...

Microwave Meatloaf Recipe

Microwave Meatloaf

By Kay Grand
My husband loves this and it is quick and easy! Do not overcook! Use 70% power.

Turbo Ribs Recipe

Turbo Ribs

By shervanique thomas
found this recipe changed the ingredient amounts to fit my large family. it has become a...

Meatloaf Recipe


By Celeste Garrison
My husband hates meatloaf - well he did until I made this (without knowing he hated...

Chicken Marsala: Hungry Girl Style Recipe

Chicken Marsala: Hungry Girl Style

By Erin Mascroft
This recipe is quick and easy and was inspired by The Hungry Girl herself (Lisa Lillian)....

Beefy Beef Hash Recipe

Beefy Beef Hash

By Didi Dalaba
Who say's breakfast for dinner has to be boring, and same 'ol, same 'ol? I don't know...

Plantation Casserole Recipe

Plantation Casserole

By Cynthia Weaver
We all looked forward to supper when Mom served this. Not difficult to make, but special...