#Dinner Recipes

Chicken & STEAMED Dumpings Recipe

Chicken & STEAMED Dumpings

By Marilyn Davidson

Marilyn Davidson

The secret of this recipe is to STEAM the dumplings-either with a steamer pan or if...

Blanketed Ham Recipe

Blanketed Ham

By Sandy Burlingame

Sandy Burlingame

This recipe was introduced to me by my best friend, who's mother showed her how to...

Easy Jambalaya Recipe

Easy Jambalaya

By Julie Merlich

Julie Merlich

I often make this dish for potlucks and always come home with an empty dish. ...

YUMMY French Onion Soup Recipe

YUMMY French Onion Soup

By Suzy Smith

Suzy Smith

YUM YUM YUM!! This is the best and always loved soup. Will warm your tummy on...

Flour Tortillas___Bebita Recipe

Flour Tortillas___Bebita

By Martha Ramirez

Martha Ramirez

This is the recipe for my flour tortillas... I had not make this for the longest...

The Pasty from the Upper Peninsula Recipe

The Pasty from the Upper Peninsula

By Michelle McCarthy

Michelle McCarthy

If you have traveled along the shores of Lake Superior or Michigan in the Upper Peninsula...

Easy Chicken Potpie Recipe

Easy Chicken Potpie

By melissa boner

melissa boner

My kids loved potpie but I hated making the crust and dicing the veggies so, I...