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1700-scottish Oat Cakes(my Holiday Version 2012) Recipe

1700-SCOTTISH OAT CAKES(my Holiday Version 2012)

By Nancy J. Patrykus
I submitted this wonderful little traditional Scottish recipe to another recipe site, back in 2001. Digging thru...

18 Karat Carrot Cake Recipe

18 Karat Carrot Cake

By Jennifer Jordan
I've made this recipe for several years, always to rave reviews. It just wouldn't be...

1800's Tea Cakes Recipe

1800's Tea Cakes

By Tina Dickerson
These are great with coffee or tea, or just as a snack. This recipe is well...

1920 Fudge Recipe

1920 Fudge

By Alicia Nelson
The best fudge recipe ever!! Mom's Mom's Mom recipe, have never known it to fail.

1920's 104 Radio Recipe #23, Thanksgiving Pie

1920's 104 Radio REcipe #23, "Thanksgiving pie"

By Jennifer Ellis
This recipe was posted during a radio show, where people would sometimes "play" Betty Crocker, or...

1920's Orange Short Cake Recipe

1920's orange short cake

By Jennifer Ellis
200-300 F. = Slow oven 325=375 F. = Moderate 400-450 F. = Hot oven 450-550 F = Very Hot ...

1930 Carmel-nut,upside Down Skillet Coffeecake Recipe


By Nancy J. Patrykus
This wonderful, light and fluffy coffeecake was in a old settlement cookbook.Just basic ingredients, with a...