Gayle's Berry Triffle

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4 c assorted fresh berries, i use blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries
1 c mango, fresh is best but sometimes i use the jar
2 sm box cheesecake pudding mix (or vanilla if you can't find the cheesecake flavor)
1 double batch of bisquick strawberry shortcakes (recipe on the box, double the sugar and add 2 tsp vanilla to the recipe)
1 large tub of cool whip ( if you are eatting the whole batch the same day make fresh whipping cream, if you think you may have leftovers use the cool whip or the whipped cream will separate and sog up the whole bowl)
Aprox 1/2 c cream sherry....i say aprox. because you just want to generously sprinkle this on at two layers if you use more its okay if you use less thats okay too, i like to use enough to coat the entire layer without making the shortcakes soggy.
flavored syrup ( only if you are not using the sherry, almond or vanilla would be best, be careful not to use too much because it will be very sweet, but you need the liquid if you aren't using the sherry)

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Lisa 'Gayle''s notes for this recipe:
This is my husband's favorite dessert, he is always excited when the fresh berries become abundant in the market here because he knows i'll be making a triffle for him.
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Bake the Bisquick Shortcakes and let cool completely. (Remember to double the batch, use double the sugar and add 2 tsp Vanilla)
Crumble 1/2 of the shortcakes into the bowl, pack gently to cover the entire bottom of the bowl.
Sprinkle generously with cream sherry (use a nice rich flavored brand, its not cooked so you want it to have a good flavor) My recipe is not the same without the sherry but you can omit it if you must, I would use a flavored syrup for this step if you are omitting the sherry (vanilla or almond would be best)
layer with 1/3 the berries and mango
cover with 1/2 the pudding
crumble remaining shortcakes into bowl
sprinkle generously with the sherry (or syrup)
1/3 more berries and mango
cover with remaining pudding
cover completely with cool whip and then decorate the top with the rest of the fruit.
Chill a minimum of 30 minutes before serving but an hour or more is best so the shortcakes soak up all the flavors and incoproate into the layers.


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