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Easter Rice Pie Recipe

Easter Rice Pie

Jessica S
By Jessica S

Rice pie(along with Ricotta pie) is our family's traditional Easter dessert. Like many Italian desserts, it...

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Italian Rice Pie Recipe

Italian Rice Pie

star pooley
By star pooley

This recipe has a history. When I was young, tradition was that all the foods to...

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Italian Easter Pie (Pizza Chena) Recipe

Italian Easter Pie (Pizza Chena)

Joanne Bellezza-Loughlin
By Joanne Bellezza-Loughlin

Pizza Chena (made with Italian meats, cheeses, and eggs) is a staple on every Italian Easter...

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Easter  Holiday Pie by freda Recipe

Easter Holiday Pie by freda


I made this Pie for Our Easter Dinner, and Didn't get a Picture. Shame on Me, Everyone...

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